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Green Energy Victoria | LED Lighting Specialists

Green Energy Victoria Pty Ltd (ACN 158913118) incorporated during 2012 with the main objective to service the hospitality and other commercial industry to save their energy by upgrading the inefficient lighting to LED lighting by doing so it reduces carbon footprints and thus protecting our future generation.

The Founder-Director Mr. Ramanan Venkatachalam of Green Energy Victoria and permanent Director and CEO of the Company. Mr. Ramanan background is chartered Accountant and CPA from Australia and a qualified Renewable Energy Auditor. He carries huge experience is different sector and started the company with the above objective.

Green Energy Victoria got the License from Essential Service Commission in Victoria to upgrade the lighting of commercial businesses on Victorian Government behalf. It was the second company in Victoria to get this license. Only 16 companies in Victoria currently holding the license to operate under schedule 24 of ESC. Green Energy Victoria is also a Registered Electrical Contractor in Victoria to do all electrical works. Green Energy Victoria biggest asset is the License from ESC.

The License obtained under Schedule 34 of Victorian Energy Efficient Scheme allows GEV to install VEET approved LED lighting to approved businesses and provide upfront government rebates , resulting in free and discounted lighting to the customers.

In most cases Customers get the free LED lights including installation and after the lights are installed GEV submits the signed documents to the Victorian Government who then issues the VEEC certificates which are then traded in the energy market. Since the Victorian Government made mandatory and ordered every energy retailers to buy these VEEC certificates according to their Carbon foot prints , there is always a big demand for these VEEC's certificates in the market. The VEECs price has traded up to $ 38 per certificate and minimum of $21 per certificate .

The VEET program is running from 2009 and it is currently amended till December 2020 which will be extended for another 3 years by the Parliament. It is ongoing program to by the state government to reduce the carbon foot print and achieve its goal and target.

Since there the future is on renewable energy , Green Energy Victoria has focused and targeted mainly highly polluting industries and highly energy consuming businesses and selected two sectors which are hospitality and commercial buildings which includes car parks , Emergency Exit Lights etc.

Green Energy Victoria ambition to be the number ONE in the hospitality industry and it has achieved its objective within 3 years. Year on Year it has increased its customer base and has been successfully retaining its existing customers .

The key success for achieving its target in short span of 3 years is due to its service and products quality. After sales service is has been a major factor for its success.